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  Interest Rates at a glance
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Interest Rates at a Glance

Rate of Interest
      New Chitty Loan  

Regular         - 14.00% (simple)
Defaulter       - 16.00% (simple)

      Chitty Prize Money Advance 14.00% p.a.
      Pass Book Loan Regular       -    13.50% (simple)
Defaulter     -   15.50%  (simple)
       NHFS / HMS    
      a) Rs.5 lakhs & below

      b) Above Rs.5 lakhs
       upto 50 lakhs

10.00% p.a. (yearly diminishing)
10.50% p.a  (yearly diminishing) ( Max. period 20 years)
[up to the fixation of EMI- 14%(simple)]
(Penal rate 18% per annum on EMI)
      Reliable Customer Loan
13.00% yearly diminishing (Max.  Period   48 months)
(Default Penal Int. 18% p.a.on EMI)
      Customer / Vehicle Loan

Regular -   14.00% p.a.(simple)
Defaulter - 16.00% (simple)

      Trade Finance Regular -   14.00% p.a.(simple)
Defaulter - 18% p.a. on EMI
      Gold Loan

Upto and including Rs.10,000/-   11% per annum(simple) 
Defaulter - 12% pa. simple
Above Rs.10000/- and upto & including Rs.25,00,000/- 12%(simple) Defaulter - 13% pa. simple
(Minimum Interest Rs.25/- for loans above Rs.5000/-)
      Flexy Trade Loan 14.00% (quarterly diminishing) on product basis
     Special Car Loan 13.00% Monthly diminishing (upto 35 months) 15.00% Monthly diminishing (36 to 60 months)
(Default Penal Int. 1.5% per month on EMI)
     Tax Planning Loan Scheme Regular - 14.00% simple
Defaulter- 16.00%
     Fixed Deposit Loan 2% above the FD interest rate
      Fixed Deposit
     1-year and above but not
     exceeding 3 years

9.00% p.a. for FD from Public (9.50% p.a. for Senior Citizens)
9.25% p.a. for Chitty Prize Money deposits(9.50% p.a. for Senior Citizens) .

     Short Term Deposit

30 days to 60 days 3.75% per annum
61 days to 90 days 4.75% per annum
91 days to 180 days 5.25% per annum
181 days to 364 days 6.00% per annum

     Sugama Deposit
5.5% on the minimum balance maintained in the
account between 6th and the last day of the any month.
The interest will be credited twice in an year,
on 30 September and 31 March.
     Sugama Security Account As in Sugama Deposit
     Chitty Security Deposit-in-Trust

9.75% per annum for Prize Money deposits limited to future liability(For senior citizens-9.75% per annum)
( For less than1 year -same as Short Term Deposit).

Regular     - 14.00% (daily diminishing) on product basis
Defaulter   - 16.00%
  Vidhyadhanam Loan Scheme
Regular   - 13.25% (simple)
for EWS category(Annual income of parent or guardian of students is <1 lakh/year)- 12% (of which Govt. will give a subsidy of 4%)
    KSFE Haritham Loan Scheme 13.75%p.a (simple diminishing)

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